Taras Bold

Hey there! I’m Taras, business and life coach, author and entrepreneur and I am ready to get Inspired by your amazing achievements! Let’s get there together.

If you've got some business dreams that haven't yet come true, or some life goals that keep slipping through your fingers… You need to flip the switch in your thinking and stay true to what lights you up!

Want to know how? Join the huge army of my satisfied clients who have achieved results hundreds of times exceeding their most daring expectations!

About me

My Business Coaching helps you come up with the innovative idea

It’s about having your own experienced business advisor working with you on a systematic step- by-step approach aimed at getting you the results you want.

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Taras Bold
Taras Bold

With my Life Coaching you’ll have clear focus on really worth goals

Learn how to take massive action and commit in times of uncertainty. Step out of your comfort zone to where the real growth happens, and start living an extraordinary life today!

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Taras Bold

Everything begins with the questions

This is my first book. Where I show that in order to develop your sustainable skills - ask yourself the right questions, which will allow you to make changes in any branch of your life or business. I am sincerely convinced that each of us can achieve the desired results, but everyone (except for 1% of the world's population) needs an external push to realize this.

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Taras Bold
Taras Bold

Special workshop on business coaching from Taras Bold

20 February, 2020

Thanks to this workshop you can get answers to all your questions

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