Hello my friend! Let me be your personal coach in creating your innovative business!

Taras Bold,
coach on disruptive innovation

Taras Bold
Taras Bold

I started my own business in 2003, after several years of successful career as a sales specialist in the corporate sector

I have created several successful and innovative companies, which under their own brands placed orders for a contract production getting the opportunity to develop and implement their own unique and effective marketing approaches.

Since 1994 I’ve been studying at top universities and special programs

I got my first two educations of physics and financier in Europe. After that I studied at Harvard Business School and Erickson University. I have an MBA degree, and also passed a count-free number of courses and profile educational programs

Taras Bold
Taras Bold

My mission is to help people achieve and support their desired changes

You do not imagine what kind of buzz a coach receives when his clients sincerely thank for the result they could not get for years, and after communicating with the coach, the internal potential was opened and they themselves reached the indicators that exceed the expectations of hundreds of times

This is not a conveyed sense of delight and inspiration for which you really want to move on

My Skills

Along the way I would like to help you discover your unique gifts and talents, what you’re most passionate about, and what are the strengths that contribute the most to your success


physicist, financier, MBA etc

Innovation Seeker

Harvard Business School approach


daring and fresh ideas


brave, courageous, determined


book and personal coaching programs


effective support methodology

Result Oriented

focused on your goals coaching


create sustainable changes

Taras Bold

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