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My clients reach the indicators that exceed their desired expectations hundreds of times.

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Taras Bold

Coaching bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be

I know the joys and challenges of running your own show. It’s not always easy, and yes we all earn our share of bruises along the way.

However, the payoffs are so rewarding,
I couldn’t live any other way.

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I would like to help you discover your unique gifts and talents along the way

Coaching is an active partnership you are in control of. It is always focused on what’s most important to you, and we find the most natural way to help you make the breakthroughs you desire.

We work quickly to help you get clear on the best outcome, create a plan and stick to it, develop priorities.

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Taras Bold

What will you learn after coaching?

Taras Bold - Earn more money

Earn more money

Taras Bold - Solve difficult problem

Solve difficult problem

Taras Bold - Run an innovative business

Run an innovative business

Taras Bold - Make right decision

Make right decision

Taras Bold - Come up with an original idea

Come up with an original idea

Taras Bold - Creative thinking

Creative thinking

Taras Bold

Who is coaching perfect for?

If you are considering some changes in your life, career or business, I can guarantee that working with a Certified Business Coach can make a huge difference.

In coaching, we will always focus on what’s most important to you, and find the most natural and effortless way to make the breakthroughs you want.

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It’s easy, fair and will have an amazing effect on your life.


10 Weeks Package

Ideal option to build a fundamental change.

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1 Hour Online

Advanced features for pros who need more customization.


1-to-1 session

Off-line meetings that have more emotional filling.

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Good for organizations and big projects.

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Group Coaching

Must have tool for companies and team building.

price per person


Full Day Package

Best and fast technique to solve your issue.

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Start changing your life today

Coaching will help you understand yourself and change your life for the better. You will not regret!

Why you should work with Taras Bold

I’m a well-educated, extremely experienced, highly motivated, enjoy what I do in coaching and do it with passion!

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Taras Bold

A number of my own brands


An army of satisfied clients


Years at universities


Hours of practice


Years in entrepreneurship

Taras Bold

How it works

After you order the first coaching session


We clarify your purpose and find solution


We discover your internal values and you get motivation


You clearly realize what actions
you must do to reach your goal


I personally prepared an answer to the most common and important questions so that it will be easier for you to start your changes. You can find answers to such questions in this section.

What do you mean by innovative coaching?

Firstly, my specialization is to help my clients come up with an idea for their business that would be able to change the world. Secondly, I have my own method that is exactly about developing special abilities in my clients in support of their dreams transformed in certain goals.

What life troubles can solve your life coaching?

The most common my clients’ request on session is to find purpose and happiness in life. I have my own author’s methods that are able to set you achievable and ambitious goals. And of course, everything we do with my clients, we do in terms of balance and joy.

How much is your coaching?

You can see all my prices on the page: in the section Pricing. To order 1 hour-session the price is $199.

How long does your coaching session last?

Typically, it takes up to one hour to get the result we’ve planned on a certain session.

How many sessions should I order to solve my problem?

As a matter of fact, each case is unique and there is no universal answer. But mainly, to get a sustainable and a long-term effect my clients say the «Package 10 weeks» helps them the most.

Taras Bold

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It’s easy, fair and helpful. An hour that can change your life is worth it and costs nothing.