Success Stories

Yaroslav Buha

Success Story Yaroslav Buha

Sometimes I become stuck in the daily goal-achieving rush and can’t see the true direction I always wanted to move forward to, to maintain and grow my life energy. Even after the first session with Taras I revised my dreams and transformed them into a simple notebook to-do-list which gave me a clear vision of what to do next. Thanks to his author’s techniques, attentive listening, and comprehensive questioning, I’m not stuck anymore.

Eric Buha
CEO and founder of ADME | Social Media Marketing

Alex Kozhemiachenko

Success Story Alex Kozhemiachenko

The knowledge I’ve got from working with Taras is truly priceless. I’ve used the plan we created to grow my business revenue by 20% in the first month. Under his guidance I’ve managed to fix issues in my business I thought impossible to fix and acquired new customers. To anyone starting their business or looking for a way to step up the game, coaching from Taras Bold is a MUST!

Alex Kozhemiachenko
founder AK ADS

Ivan Rudenko

Success Story Ivan Rudenko

Last year held many events that negatively impacted my business. And I couldn’t find the issue. I had a lack of motivation or energy to continue, but in my heart, I knew, that that’s not the end of my path. I’ve searched for someone to determine the problem and my friend suggested Taras Bold. I reached Taras, and that was one of the best decisions in my life. Together we found an issue that prevented my growth – the defocus. After several coaching sessions, I found the core of the problem and got tools to overcome it. Now I have lots of ideas for my business, and I’m sure that I will ask Taras for help in the future. And more than that, Taras gave me so much motivation that my energy at some unbelievable levels right now. Thank you!

Ivan Rudenko
CEO & Founder Art Marks